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Do I Really Need Winter Tires on My Car?

Updated: May 16

Are you curious about winter tires? As winter draws near, you may wonder if your car really needs winter tires for the season or if you can keep using your everyday tires. Our professionals at your local auto repair shop suggest you install them for the following reasons.

Prevent Getting Stuck

When snow hits, it might be beautiful to look at, but it can be a pain to drive in. As that snow gets heavier, it can be harder to not only drive but also to park and properly steer your car. It'll be even harder to maneuver your car if you have a more standard-sized vehicle as opposed to an oversized one. If you have winter tires on your car or truck, you can prevent the likelihood of getting stuck because you'll have more traction on the road.

Avoid Accidents

According to Porch Group Media, the average length of vehicle ownership for new and used vehicles has increased 60% in the last 10 years. As you can see, there were more drivers on the road than ever. With so many drivers on the road, even in winter time, it can increase the likelihood of accidents. At least with winter tires, you can prevent the likelihood of getting into an accident because you'll be less likely to slide and lose control of your vehicle.

Create Traction

When snowfall hits, it can get very slippery, especially if it turns to ice. For this reason, you need the most amount of traction possible. With snow tires, you'll have the necessary traction needed to move on a snow or ice-covered surface.

Stay Prepared

Last but not least, our auto repair shop wants you to stay as prepared as possible. While no driver enjoys going out on winter roads, certain emergencies and responsibilities may require you to get behind the wheel. With winter tires, you can stay prepared in the event of a storm or snow squall, so you can stay safe even when you don't plan to be out driving.

Winter tires can help you drive safely during the cold, winter months. Having such tires can help provide better traction, avoid accidents, reduce the likelihood of getting stuck, and keep you safe. For more information about winter tires or our auto services, contact us today at Johnson's Automotive Repair.

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