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trained and licensed technician replacing a tire i Johnson's Automotive Repair in Big Rapids and Mount Pleasent, MI.

Tire Replacement

Tires are one of the most important parts of your car, so we went straight to some of the world's greatest authorities on the matter;  BFGoodrich, Michelin, Hankook - names you know and trust. Johnson's Automotive Repair is your reliable source for Big Rapids tire needs. Whether it's tire repair or tire replacement services, we have you covered.

General Tire Maintenance

It is normal for tires to wear down over time. One thing that increases tire wear is a poor alignment or other suspension issues. If you had to take a curb to avoid an accident, or hit a pothole, you likely need an alignment. However, typical driving with regular road conditions can also cause your wheels to need an alignment.

You can lengthen your tires’ lifespan by maintaining the correct air pressure, scheduling regular tire rotations, and keeping up on general vehicle maintenance. If your vehicle is still notifying you of low tire pressure after you have filled your tires, it is likely that the tire sensor needs to be reset. 

This sensor is designed to alert drivers of potential problems with their tires by monitoring the tire’s pressure. A tire pressure sensor replacement can become necessary due to tire sealant, corrosion from the elements, or a weak or dead battery. It is a good idea to have our professionals check the condition of your sensors prior to committing to a tire replacement.

Tire Repair

Tire repair services can be a good option when it is possible because it is more convenient and affordable than a tire replacement. Often, items stuck in the tread portion of your tire will not cause a leak due to the thickness of the rubber.


However, a puncture in the thread of the tire is a common cause of air loss. Punctures in the tire tread can be repaired if they are smaller than ¼”. If the tire puncture is too large, or if the tire tread has worn down too far, it is time to replace your tire(s). If a puncture occurs to the sidewall of your tire, it cannot be repaired. 

Tire Lifespan

The estimated time for a tire replacement varies based on how well your vehicle has been maintained, what road conditions you drive on, and what kind of tires you have equipped. Most commonly, people replace their tires when the tread has worn thin. Yet, tread wear is not the only factor. 

Rubber can dry out and break down. Tires are not biodegradable by any means, but their integrity can be compromised. It is recommended to have your tires replaced every 5-10 years. This timeline holds true even if you still have tread left on the tire. Remember, there is a lot of weight resting on them. Good tires are a major part of daily driving safety.

Snow Tires vs All-Season Tires

When snow and ice are present, it is common for people to drive slower, brake more carefully, and keep their distance from other drivers. These driving practices are responsible actions that most Big Rapids families practice. Another important thing we can do to prepare for winter months is to install winter tires.

Our friends at Bridgestone provide a good comparison between snow tires and all-season tires. To sum things up, winter tires are designed to make driving in wet and snowy conditions easier and safer. The tread on winter tires has a different pattern, is usually thicker, and is oftentimes made of different, more flexible rubber than all season tires. This gives them more traction and makes your vehicle easier to control.

Whether you have a car that is front or rear-wheel drive, it is recommended by tire companies to install winter tires in the front and the back to increase your grip on the road during poor road conditions. In fact, AWD (all wheel drive) vehicles need consistency between all four tires. 


Whether you want to get winter tires or your current all-season tires are nearly bald, talk with us at Johnson’s Automotive. We can outfit your car, truck, or SUV with the tires Big Rapids count on for comfort and safety.

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