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4 Facts You Didn't Know About Car Batteries

Updated: May 16

As a car owner, the last thing you want is for your battery to die suddenly. A battery check is essential to ensuring your car is functional and safe, especially if you're planning a long trip. A poorly maintained battery can have some serious risks, so it is essential that you have your battery serviced frequently. 

BatteriesPlus reminds us that engines with poor ventilation sometimes see hydrogen gas buildup on the negative electrode, which can cause corrosion. Corrosion can affect your battery’s performance and possibly contribute to a battery explosion. This can be avoided with regular battery checks and battery cleaning! The car battery is a vital component for any vehicle, and there are many interesting facts that can help you know more about the health of your battery. Here are some facts your local auto repair shops want you to know about car batteries.

1. They Can Last a Few Years

According to HouseGrail, each year, as many as 100 million car batteries need replacement. Various factors can affect the actual lifespan of your battery. According to NAPA Auto, if your battery isn't fully recharged while driving, your battery's lifespan will be shortened. That means if you only drive your car for short trips you could find yourself with a dead battery sooner than you would expect. Another thing that impacts the lifespan of a battery is temperature. If you live in a very warm climate and your vehicle is exposed to extreme heat it can cause the battery to die out quicker. According to AAA, batteries in a car in a desert climate may fail in as little as two years. Depending on these variables, you can expect a typical car battery to last about three to five years before you need to replace it.

2. They are a Major Power Source

When you start your car your battery converts chemical energy into electricity, according to Dunker Motors. This allows it to power the starter and other essential systems. According to NAPA Auto, starting a car typically only uses 3% of the battery capacity. So where does the rest of that power go? Your car battery supplies extra power and stabilizes any potential damage from voltage spikes! In addition to all of this, auto batteries provide an electrical current to other elements, such as your heating and cooling system and even your power steering features.

3. They Serve Many Purposes

A dead battery usually means a dead car since it helps to start your engine. However, that's not the only responsibility car batteries have. Your car’s battery is also responsible for powering your lights, stereo, windows, and windshield wipers. When you turn on your air conditioner in the summer, it's your battery that helps to provide power. Since your car battery is responsible for so many things, there are many signs that it may be going bad. Some ways to know that your battery may need to be serviced are seeing a battery warning light or check engine light on your dash, your engine won’t crank or is slow to crank, the engine starts but immediately dies, your headlights are unusually dim or flickering, or the interior lights are not functioning.

4. There are Many Types of Batteries

Auto repair shops will tell you most automobiles still use a lead acid battery. Did you know this type of battery goes back to the 1800s? In 1836, an English chemist invented the first rechargeable battery, according to Science with Kids. 

The lead acid battery's long-standing use is a testament to its usefulness. According to NAPA Auto, lithium-ion batteries are currently the go to battery for electric cars, while the solid-state batteries are a newer approach to efficient batteries for electric vehicles.

There are so many moving parts to any vehicle it can be hard to keep up. The battery powers everything, including the engine itself. It’s important to have your battery checked to ensure it has lots of life left! If you need car maintenance, inspections, or repairs, you need the best auto repair shop in Big Rapids. Bring your vehicle to our team at Johnson's Automotive Repair anytime. We can check your battery along with the rest of your car with our Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI) to ensure a safe and smooth ride every time.

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