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Are You Putting Yourself at Risk for an Accident?

Updated: May 16

Even if you’re usually a safe driver, you might still be putting yourself at risk of an accident. While speeding and reckless behavior are common causes, overlooking essential car maintenance can also be dangerous. Let’s look at a few different things that might be putting you at risk of a car accident. 

Brake Service

Your brakes are one of the most important safety features on your car. Ignoring the signs of your car needing brake repair could put you at a significant risk. Brakes need to be serviced any time there is a brake fluid leak, screeching sounds when braking, or a change in deceleration. If you notice that your vehicle is braking slowly or making a grinding sound, your car should be taken in as soon as possible for brake repair. It's better to be safe than sorry.

According to Dyer, Garofalo, Mann & Schultz, brake failure is responsible for about 300,000 car accidents each year. Don't be one of those accidents waiting to happen. Get your brakes repaired before they cause any trouble.

Suspension Repair

If your car's suspension needs service, you could also be putting yourself at risk. When the suspension is off on a vehicle it can make it difficult to control the vehicle properly when driving. This can contribute to a loss of reaction time or unpredictable steering. Your vehicle suspension keeps your car or truck in contact with the road as much as possible. Proper alignment helps your car go straight down the road without keeping your steering wheel turned slightly. This keeps your tires in good shape longer.  

Common issues related to a car’s suspension are damaged:

  • wheel bearings 

  • shock absorbers

  • ball joints 

  • struts

  • control arms

  • stabilization bars

If any of the suspension components have issues, there are risks of serious damage to your vehicle’s suspension.

Signs of suspension issues can include difficult steering or a vehicle that pulls hard to one side. If you notice any of these changes in the way your vehicle drives, it's best to get your suspension checked out as soon as possible to ensure your safety on the road.

Oil Changes

Oil changes might seem like a small thing, but they're super important for keeping your car functioning safely. If you forget to change your oil regularly, your engine could start having problems such as overheating and even seizing up in extreme cases. It is rare, but your engine could even catch fire if you don’t change your oil for an extended period. 

Don't forget those oil changes – they're not just about keeping your car running smoothly, they're about keeping everyone safe on the road!

These are just a few maintenance issues that can put you at risk of having an accident. Keeping up with auto maintenance is key to staying safe on the road and reducing your risk of being involved in an accident. If you need help with brake repair or any other vehicle work, you can trust Johnson's Automotive to take care of it. Give them a call today!

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