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Why Are My Car's Fluids So Important?

The fluids in your vehicle are essential to its performance. Every vehicle owner should have an oil change according to the manufacturer’s scheduled recommendation. During your oil change, all fluid levels must also be checked. Here are the top three reasons why fluids are so important to your car's performance.

1. They Keep Your Engine Cool

Your vehicle needs to follow a strict oil change schedule because of engine oil's important role: lubricating the working parts of your engine. It also helps to keep your engine cool.

This important lubricant helps to reduce wear and tear on the moving parts in your engine by ensuring those parts can move unencumbered. It keeps your engine temperature cooler by dissipating the heat caused by friction. When engine oil becomes old or low, your engine can be damaged.

2. They Keep You And Your Vehicle Safe

Brakes are an essential safety feature of your vehicle. Part of your brake system includes a “master cylinder” that is filled with brake fluid. Brake fluid transfers force from the inside brake pedal to the exterior components of your brake system.

When brake fluid is low, it can affect braking abilities. Contaminated fluid (fluid with debris) can also be a risk factor and affect braking. Brake fluid levels should be checked during every oil change to ensure you have the stopping power you need.

3. They Maintain Operating Temperatures

Radiator fluid or coolant plays a vital role in your vehicle’s performance. Coolant, as the name suggests, cools down your engine. It circulates from the radiator through the hoses and engine to reduce operating temperatures.

Running a vehicle short on coolant can cause serious damage to the engine. Low coolant levels can warp engine parts. Coolant also does double duty by ensuring your engine doesn’t freeze up in cold weather. Other fluids that must be checked regularly include transmission and power steering fluids. 

Checking fluid levels is essential to the performance and longevity of your vehicle. When you choose a trusted provider to manage your oil changes, you can count on the proper checking of all your car’s fluid levels. According to Grand View Research, the oil change industry is valued at about $7.48 billion because it's such an essential service. Get your oil changed and your car's other fluids checked by our team of professional technicians at Johnson's Automotive Repair.

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