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When Should I Have My Brakes Checked?

Updated: May 16

Auto technician in the foreground with a car on a lift in the background receiving brake repair.
Best Brake Repair in Big Rapids, MI

Brakes are essential to car safety. Not being able to properly brake your car can result in accidents, leading to devastating injuries or fatalities. Here are tips to know when to go to a local auto repair service to check your brakes.


Make sure you always visually inspect your brake pads and notice how they feel. According to Visually, if there is 1/8 inch left on a vehicle's brake pads, this is a sign that they are in need of immediate replacement. Luckily, your local auto repair service can quickly repair those brake pads.


Your car shouldn't vibrate when you attempt to stop it. If you're noticing weird vibrations when you attempt to apply the brake pedals, that's a sign that something is off. Your rotors may have become warped and need immediate repair.


One of the main reasons why you shouldn't have your music blasting too loud when you're driving is you have to listen out for any alarming sounds on the road or in your car. When you apply the brakes, do you hear any weird screeching noises? These sounds are usually a sign that you have a worn brake pad that needs repair.


Are you gearing up to take a road trip? Even if your brakes haven't shown obvious issues, you should play it safe and go to an auto repair service to have things checked out. After all, you don't want your car breaking down on the road. In the case of worn breaks, if you were to have problems with them unexpectedly, as mentioned, it could result in a devastating accident. So, let the auto professionals do a thorough check of your car, including your brakes, before you hit the road for an extended period.

Any driver should understand that your local auto repair service isn't just there when something goes wrong. In other words, you don't have to wait until there's damage or you've gotten into an accident to see a professional. Auto repair professionals handle ongoing maintenance that can ensure your vehicle is always safe. After all, a safe vehicle can keep you, your passengers, and pedestrians safe at all times. When it's time to have your brakes inspected or repaired, visit our local auto shop today for immediate assistance.

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