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3 Signs You Need Car Suspension Repair

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Big Rapids auto mechanic working on the suspension system of a car.

If you're serious about keeping your car in good shape, then you need to pay attention to small details. These seemingly inconsequential details can clue you in as to when something needs repair, such as the suspension system. A suspension system problem won't stop your vehicle from operating in the way that many other issues would, so you need to pay close attention to these signs that your car needs suspension repair.

1. Lurching

You need to pay attention to the way your vehicle reacts when it hits a bump. If the suspension system is going bad, you'll see the front of your vehicle dive when you hit the brakes. You may also notice the vehicle continues to bounce after it has cleared the bump. This is a good sign that your car suspension needs repair.

2. Clunking

When the suspension is going bad, your vehicle will alert you with the noises it's making. Clunking noises are very common in a vehicle with bad suspension. The suspension system is intended to be a shock absorber. When that's not working right, all of the different parts of your vehicle are clanking against each other as you move. This produces a clunking noise indicating you need car suspension repair ASAP.

3. Shaking

When the suspension is really bad, you might start to notice a shaking or vibrating steering wheel. This happens when your steering wheel is struggling to keep the vehicle under control. The suspension system is supposed to absorb most of this movement, but since it's not working right more motion is being transferred to the steering wheel. This is a dangerous situation, and you need to get your car repaired quickly.

Suspension repair is not a type of car maintenance that can be put off until later. This can make your vehicle unsafe to drive, and it can also cause further damage to other parts of your car. To avoid these further complications, you need to have suspension repairs done quickly by a mechanic you can trust. According to Allied Market Research, the global automotive suspension market is projected to reach a value of $73.36 billion by 2027. In this booming market, you want to make sure you're dealing with the best mechanics for your vehicle. If you need suspension work done right, please give Big Rapids Auto Repair a call today.

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